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Opening of the International Symposium on Women and Development: Let's Challenge the Immaterial Economy
Presentation of the 2015 annual report of the United Nations Population Fund
Opening of the Forum of Arab Women Parliamentarians for Equality "Pioneers" Under the slogan "Hand in Hand towards Justice and Equality"
Opening of a workshop with Government Sectors for the preparation of the Government Action Plan for the promotion of the Rights of Persons in a Situation of Disability
The opening of the Fifth International Conference on Information and Communication Technology and Accessibility of Persons with Disabilities
Opening of the International Conference on Family Mediation and its role in family stability
The opening of the National Meeting to launch the 13th National Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women
Opening of a Workshop for the preparation of National Indicators to track the implementation of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Opening of the National Symposium on Health and Disability
The informative meeting on the activation of the Social Cohesion Support Fund for Persons in a Disability Situation