word of Minister

New web portal.. our window to the citizens across our kingdom.. our link with different actors; government sectors, national institutions and  civil, political, trade union and media bodies..

New web portal..  open electronic service to bring various currently available social pole’s services to citizens, institutions and individuals, and to facilitate their access to information wherever they are, without the need to move to the ministry's headquarters to put their requests and suggestions or to  transmit their complaints and observations

New web portal.. a culmination of a cumulative, communicative trajectory that we have started by adopting a new visual identity colored according to our axes of intervention at the social pole, which include the Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development; the National mutual aid; Social development agency.. and the starting point for an additional more interactive trajectory..

By announcing today the launch of this new portal, we aspire to make it a portal with a communicative and interactive power that responds to the requirements of emerging transformations, in which we invest all national data, which reconciles between the provision of the information and services and facilitation of access to common spaces that are built according to a participatory approach and strengthened with the various efforts, and pour in the service of development of the country..