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The coordination of public policies in the field of equality and promotions of women's rights. is, one of the major tasks of the Ministry of solidarity, women, family and social development, and in responding to this cross-functional coordination commitment,the Ministry launched a project to rework its organization chart and the establishment of a new administrative organization. Thus, for the first time, a directorate, consisting of two divisions and six services, dedicated to the Woman has been created (see organization chart).

The major tasks of the Directorate for Women are as follows:

  • Implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy for Equality and Parity and establishment of the plans of communication and awareness.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy for fighting Violence against Women.
  • Consistency between programs and interventions of ministerial departments, associations and private sector for Gender Equity.
  • Conducting studies, research, collection and distribution of documents.
  • The support of stakeholders in terms of reception and service offerings in favour of women.
  • Strengthening of cooperation with all stakeholders in the field of advancement of women.
  • The support of associations operating in the field of Women