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Social protection

In the context of the tasks entrusted to the ministry regarding the conditions for opening and managing the social protection institutions, in accordance with Law No 14.05 and its implementing decree, published successively in December 2006 and July 2007, the ministry has issued a total of 1023 authorizations of openings.These institutions are the subject of a guide that included data on the geographical distribution, services available, as well as the number and the date of obtaining the authorization.

Seven years after the implementation of the law 14.05 and its provisions , the ministry carried out a diagnostic of the situation of the social protection institutions, In addition to the organization of fifteen consultative meetings with various stakeholders with respect to these institutions.These efforts were supported by the publication of the first national report on social protection institutions. What enabled to develop an overall reform programme of the system of these institutions, whose main axes focus on the development of the legal framework governing these institutions, and the physical rehabilitation of infrastructures , in addition to supporting and strengthening the human resource capacity.