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People with disabilities

Introduction :

The issue of disability has attracted more interest in the Moroccan Constitution of 2011 by the prohibition on discrimination on the grounds of disability and the constitutionalisation of political, economic, social and cultural rights of people with disabilities. The preamble of the new Constitution confirms the commitment of the Kingdom to fight all forms of discrimination based on sex, color or belief, culture or social allegiance or regional language or disability or any personal status. ;the Chapter 34 requires public authorities to develop and implement policies for individuals and groups with specific needs.

Through the ratification of the international Convention on the rights of people with disability,Morocco has confirmed its commitment to strengthen the process regarding the social participation of people with disabilities, without neglecting the willingness expressed in the government program,which stipulates the establishment of a policy aimed at improving the conditions of people with disabilities and their families , developing the forms and mechanisms of intervention and establishing a national strategy for inclusive development. The updating of a national survey on disability, the adoption of laws on the promotion of rights of persons with disabilities and the creation of a fund to support social participation.

Within this framework,the Ministry of solidarity, women, family and social development has launched a series of structured programs that should contribute to a qualitative development in the approach taken to the question of disability in our country. A draft framework-law on the promotion of rights of people with disabilities has been developed. This draft law contains several measures and actions enabling people with disabilities to access their fundamental rights in the fields of education and teaching, prevention and health care, training and professional insertion ,accessibility and participation in sporting, and cultural activities and leisure. The project is currently in the approval process.

Furthermore , the Ministry initiated , in 2014, the second national survey on disability which will make available to the stakeholders all the quantitative and qualitative data on the situation of disability and persons with disabilities in our country. This is essential for the establishment of programs and targeted and effective activities in the area.

The implementation of the action plan on accessibility in collaboration with the World Bank, is one of the most structured programs to achieve one of the fundamental rights contained in the International Convention. This program includes project development of the regulatory framework of accessibility, uniformity of standards and strengthening of actors and stakeholders capacities in the field.

To allow people with disabilities to benefit from technical aids and equipment at the regional level, 16 units of reception , orientation and granting of technical aids has been created in the regional coordinations within the National solidarity.

Despite the progress noted in the field of disability, the results obtained do not live up to the ambition of our country. This is mainly due to the lack of a clear public policy and the lack of a government action plan that includes programs, indicators and an implementation schedule. While defining the responsibilities, with the financial and human resources and ensuring the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.