Partnership with Associations

The partnership with civil society concerned, during the period 2007-2014, various areas of the Ministry, for example, advocacy related rights such as support of women’s political participation, economic and social rights, promotion of the rights of family, childhood, people with disabilities and the elderly , as well as the financial support of projects of the organizations operating in the field of social development, capacity building of civil society actors through training sessions in the association management in order to strengthen their autonomy and their professionalism , through networking support to become a force of proposal at, local, regional and national levels, as well as support for the education of children with deep disabilities, the listening centers and guidance for women and girls victims of violence.

Assessment of partnership for the year 2014


This assessment sheds lignt on the procedure of selecting the associations's projects and the overall assessment of the partnership program during the year 2014.

It also emphasises the areas of support within the framework of the principles of democracy and the participation in the partnership management with associations operating in the civil society.

Assessment of partnership for the year 2013


This assessment presents the procedures and mechanisms adopted for the selection of projects submitted by associations to the Ministry of of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development to be subsidized, In pursuance of the principles of transparency and good governance in the management of the partnership program with associations.

It also presents the assessment of the action of financial support for the selected associations..                                                                       


Assessment of partnership for the year 2012



This assessment is seen by the associations operating in the civil society as a strategic guide, which is designed to shed light on the partnership management circuit and its mechanisms, while determining the standards in force for the selection of projects and areas which are the subject of subsidy by the social pole, it also presents a detailed assessment of these projects in respect of the year 2012.