Organizations under the guardianship

Pursuant to Decree No. 2.13.22 issued in 18 Jumada II, 1434 (April 29, 2013) determining the attributions and the organization of the Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development, and Decree No. 2.71.625 of 12 Muharram 1392 (February 28 1972) as the Statute of the National Mutual Aid, and on the Decree No. 2.99.69 of 25 of Jumada II, 1420 (October 6, 1999) on the implementation of Law No. 12.99 on establishing the Social Development Agency

The Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development as well as the National Mutual Aid and Social Development Agency constitute the social pole. These institutions work under the guardianship of the Ministry, to implement the social pole strategy at the central and local level


The national mutual aid

The National mutual aid , is a public institution under the guardianship of the ministry of solidarity, women, family and social development was originally created under the form of a private charitable institution by Dahir No. 1-57-099 of 27 April 1957, and by Decree No. 2-71-625 of 28 February 1972, it was erected in public institution endowed with civil personality and financial autonomy status that it retains to this day. It is responsible for providing aid and assistance of all kinds to the poor and contributing to the social and familial promotion.

Social Development Agency

The Social Development Agency (ADS) is a public institution that forms part of the arsenal established by the State to promote the sustainable development of Morocco, placed under the authority of Ministry of solidarity, women, family and social development. The agency's mission is to contribute to the fight against poverty and vulnerability by supporting sustainable development projects in a participatory manner, partnership and proximity.