Financing of the association projects


In relation to the implementation of the 4+4 strategy of the social pole for the period 2012-2016. The Minister of solidarity, women family and social development provides for an important annual budget dedicated to the partnership with associations.

In order to give an opportunity to associations to submit their applications in order to benefit in a fair manner from the annual subsidy granted by the Ministry. The support program for associations had since 2012 a new procedure as the publication of the notice of call for project as agreed in the government program approved by Parliament on the 26th of January 2012.

Over the past three years,the Ministry was able to subsidize 670 projects with an overall budget of 156,109,439.00 dirhams which covered all areas of intervention of the Ministry namely : Schooling of children with disabilities from poor families, centres of family mediation, listening centres, social protection institutions for persons in a difficult situation and seniors' centres