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In view of the challenges and changes faced by the Moroccan families, and In accordance with the constitutional provisions defining family founded on marriage bond as the basic unit of society which holds the state accountable by law for the family protection in legal, social and economic terms, so as to ensure its unity, stability and preservation.

In relation to the implementation of the 2012-2016 governmental program provisions aiming at strengthening and protecting the family by establishing an integrated family policy ,strengthening its preventive roles, promoting the services of family mediation and supporting the initiatives from local associations operating in the field of family.

The Ministry of solidarity, women, family, and social development designed a program aiming at promoting the family mediation services . This program aims to:

-Support for the establishment and generalization of family mediation centers;

-Support And strengthening of partnerships with associations operating in the field;

-Training And coaching actors, developing tools and supporting family mediation.