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Reform process within social protection institutions (EPS)

Reform process within social protection institutions (EPS)

Aware of the difficulties encountered by the social protection institutions and thereby participatory methodology initiated by the Ministry of solidarity, women, family and social development, with the various actors and direct or indirect stakeholders  involved in the  management of these institutions,both at central and local levels.

On the basis of the findings taken from the national report on the reality of social protection institutions in Morocco, which unveiled a series of difficulties and failures impeding  these institutions to play its roles  fully and in an inclusive manner.

The ministry has developed a master plan for reforming the  social protection institutions system, which will form part of the Ministry's strategic plan , the plan's purpose is to achieve the following


1.Adopt quality services approach within institutions.

2.Develop the legal arsenal applicable in this area.

3.Rehabilitation of social protection centres

4.Apply the approach of good governance within the institutions.

5.Moralizing practices of institutional social affairs.

Law enforcement

The plan considered  for the  reform  of the  social protection centers system will be based on three core programs, namely:

1. Review the law No 14.05  regarding the conditions of opening the social protection institutions

2. Physical Rehabilitation of the  social protection institutions infrastructures.

3. Support and strengthen the human resource capacity and enhance the ability of employees of these institutions, and build the principle of equality and equal opportunities within these institutions

In the light of these reform programs, a range of mechanisms have been developed as measures for the implementation of this reform project.