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Disability Card

Disability Card

Legal framework : Article 4 of Law No 05-81 regarding the social protection of the blind and partially sighted states that the blind persons and assimilated carrying a card issued by the administration, benefit from a series of advantages including priority of recruitment for some jobs in both public and private sectors, and the right to use public transportation for free or at reduced rates for themselves and, if necessary, their companions, and priority for access togovernment offices.

These provisions has been adopted by Law No. 07-92 regarding the social protection of people with disability in its Article 4, which states that the administration shall issue to any person with a disability recognized under the provisions of Article 3, a disability card whose form, content, validity and renewal terms are laid down by regulation.

Pursuant to this article, the Decree No. 2.97.218 of 19 December 1997 defines the modalities of review of medical records., the composition of the central technical commission and the department responsible for the issuance of this card..

Priority rights of the disability card

  • Recognize the state of people with disability
  • Waiver of school age limit for mental and sensory disabled children;
  • Priority for obtaining the university scholarships, and benefiting from student residence and boarding schools
  • Procedures for taking exams and contests under the best possible conditions
  • Priority for access to some jobs and positions in both public and private sector, as part of a quota;
  • Right to use public transport means for free or at reduced rates and to use some seats in public transport means;
  • Priority for access to public administrative office and counters..