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Direct support to widows

Direct support to widows

Legal and regulatory framework : Provision of article 18 in the finance law, No 22-12 of the budget year 2012 as amended by article 25 in the finance law No. 115.12 of the budget year 2013, and completed by Article 13 bis in the finance law No. 110.13 of the budget year regarding the change of account for particular business called "social cohesion fund"

Decree No. 2.14.791 issued on the 11th of Safar 1436 (December, 4 2014) defining the conditions and standards in a view to benefit from direct support to widows in precarious situations who take care of their orphaned children, published in the official bulletin No. 6318 (on the 18th of December 2014).

The Interdepartmental Joint Circular in charge of the interior, economy and finance, solidarity, women,family and social development intended for the Wali and the governor.

Target population and conditions for granting:

Amount of support: 350 dirhams monthly for each orphaned child having fulfilled the terms of granting, provided that they do not exceed the threshold of 1050 dh per month for one family. Widowed women in precarious situations taking care of their rphaned children and meeting the following conditions

  • Benefit from the medical assistance scheme (RAMED) ;
  • Be non-taxable except housing tax ;
  • Have never benefited from any retirement, family allowances or any other direct support from the state budget, territorial municipality , institutions or public authority (school Scholarship, Taysir support program);
  • Take care of their children until the age of 21 years conditioned by the pursuit of study or vocational training for their children at the school age, orphaned children with disability will be excluded from the condition of pursuit of study or vocational training and age limit (21 years);

Documents should be attached to the file of the requests for support

  • A printed copy of the request for support with an affidavit ;
  • A copy of the health card « RAMED »
  • A certificate of non-taxation except housing tax
  • A certified copy of the widow's national identity card;
  • A certificate of death of her husband;
  • Birth certificate of the orphaned children;
  • Certificate of collective life of the orphaned children;
  • School certificate or certificate of continuing vocational training for orphaned children, who have reached school age
  • Medical certificate confirming the disability for children with disability

For further information www.da3m.ma or www.daam.ma