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Public policy to promote the rights of people with disabilities

Public policy to promote the rights of people with disabilities






General framework

In view of the attributions of the Ministry of solidarity,family, women and social development, as well as the strategy of the social pole, the preparation of a public policy on social integration of HSP should include following components:

1-The government's strategic orientations in the field based on the results of  the thematic workshops held in 2013

2-A five-year action plan drawn  from the strategic directions and results of the national survey on disability in 2014.

General objective :

Guaranteeing access to the rights and social participation of people with disabilities  in accordance with international commitments and the new constitution,  by defining and implementing a government policy in this field.

Specific objective:

Decline and implement a public policy on disability in an integrated , concerted and convergent  manner  with all  relevant sectors

Expected results

  • Intersectoral and convergent strategic priorities are determined in a participatory manner
  • A coherent strategy to enable the convergence of the various ongoing projects has been prepared

A clear, consensual and realistic government  action plan is developed  in compliance with the international standards  and allows the implementation of sectoral programs.

Public Policy Levers

Transversal  Levers

Establishment of reference centers at regional level to ensure the reception, orientation and support for  people with disabilities

Integration of disability component in the  programs of initial and continuing training

Implementation of  a national information system in the field of disability.

Integration of disability components in the   financial and budgetary mechanisms. and development of indicators

Implementation of regulatory mechanisms for care services in charge of PSH du Integration of disability components in the  plans for development  at  both the national and territorial level.

Strengthening partnership with civil society.

Thematic levers

  • Prevention and health
  • Education and Teaching
  • Training and professional integration
  • Accessibility to the architectural and urban environment, means of transport and communication
  • Citizenship and Political Participation

Levers regarding governance

  • Implementation of mechanisms for dialogue and more extensive and permanent   consultation. with the definition of  an institutional anchoring
  • Establishment of the inter-ministerial commission and preparation of coordination mechanisms   for the implementation of public policy

The establishment of a national agency for the social integration of people with disabilities under the authority of the ministry of solidarity, women, family and social development

Execution phase

Action carried out in 2013 and 2014

A great importance has been attached to   the process of developing public policy  regarding disability  with a view to achieving a high level of membership and participation of stakeholders in the various phases. This process was marked by the achievement of the following phases:

I- Mobilization and consultation phase :

The objective is to achieve good adherence to the process of the key actors, in particular ministerial departments. This phase of mobilization has been marked by:

1-The organization of a workshop on strategic planning on April 23, 2013 in Rabat with the participation of different ministerial departments  directly involved in the field of  disability . The workshop will be facilitated by an international expert in public policy development in the field of disability.

2-Realisation of a diagnosis and  situational analysis with regards to the integration of people with disabilities in Morocco.

II- Phase  of consultation and participation:

This consists of holding  participatory workshops in the presence of stakeholders operating  in the field of disability, government departments, civil society, institutions, public authorities, to present the results of the diagnosis, provide recommendations and identify priorities.

This work served to identify the opinion of professionals working in the field, raise the resources  had already been planned and constraints. In this contexte 5 workshops  has been organized:

1-Workshop on the prevention and medical services, Tangier , May 6

2-Workshop on education and schooling: Fez, May 20

3-Workshop on training and professional integration: Ouarzazate, June 4

4-Workshop on accessibility and social participation: Marrakech, June 18

5-Workshop on reception facilities,  Marrakech, June 19

On the basis of thematic workshops results and guidance notes developed by experts in the field, a commission composed of representatives of the ministry, UNESCO and international disability undertook the development of a national draft strategy with a view to promoting the rights of people with disabilities .The draft strategy will be submitted to a steering committee representing the departments directly concerned by the issue of disability, before the organisation of  a national seminar for validation.

In order to enrich the content of  the draft public policy, a  workshop for consultation with government departments was held  on June 18, 2014.

Activities planned for 2015

After submission of the draft strategy to the government council, the year 2015 will be marked by:

  • The organization of national conference on integrated public policy with a view to promoting the rights of people with disabilities
  • The initiation of the government plan of disability which is the second phase of public policy.

The plan in question is a translation of the strategic orientations into  measures aiming to ensure the social participation of people with disabilities, this plan will enable to identify:

  • Programs and actions to  be achieved,
  • Multiannual programming for sectoral actions,
  • Responsibility of each actor.

The public policy  with regard to the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities is a perfect response to the expectations and needs of these people and their families. This policy complies with both  the provisions of the constitution  and with those  of the international convention and its optional Protocol ratified by Morocco.The success of this project depends heavily on the mobilization of national and international technical expertise in the different fields related to disability and the necessary financial resources for the implementation of the government plan.

Partners of  the public policy

For the preparation of this plan, the Ministry  will draw on its experience for the implementation of the government's plan for equality , the ministry will also take advantage of the  mobilization of the social  pole's components, the various government actors and the technical expertise of international partners, such the European union and Handicap International.